Turning trash into animated characters through the magic of black light

— by Communications Manager

Mr Dingo Trash, 'Trash Magic' dress rehearsal, Luminous Theatre, 2021. Photographer: Georgia Glen

Rick Knight and the production team from Channel NT caught-up with the creatives from Trash Magic. This new children’s play is being produced by Luminous Productions, an all-abilities theatre company.  The show uses black light theatre and is scheduled to tour the Northern Territory later this year.

Behind the light and under the black light all performers are equal.

Tania Lehman, writer, producer and director

Trash Magic is a play about a family who leave behind rubbish, and lots of mess when they go camping! The discarded rubbish metamorphizes into animals at night, such as the Mountain Dew bottles that become a glowing green praying mantis. The team have been experimenting with black light, the use of UV lights bouncing off the fluorescent and neon paints to create a truly magical and engaging puppet show for all ages.

All you see is what we want you to see.

Manny Dado, head puppeteer and performer

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