Walking Together

An interactive arts project where kids are the experts! Walking Together is a unique opportunity for young people to work as artists to create and share stories about their home, their favourite places, their everyday activities, and their past and future adventures. Born out of the internationally acclaimed Walking Neighbourhood project, Walking Together specifically revels in the freedom of Indigenous community life, including vast spaces to play and groups of children and young people playing together despite age differences.

A commitment to sharing the act of walking sees young people act as curators of their community, taking project facilitators, elders and other community members on walks to share their big backyards. These walks reveal a special world that holds humour, hidden spaces, made-up games and community characters. As part of Walking Together, the walks are documented, with a final exhibition featuring content gathered from around the community including short films, audio recordings, buckets of natural items collected from walks and a map of the town created by local young people.


Professional artists work with children aged 8-13 either through a school or broader community engagement in creative workshops. During this time the children are walking, telling stories, dancing, mapping, exploring and researching locally, while interviewing people, shopkeepers, icons and neighbourhood notoriety. Up to 15 volunteers, including local liaison officers, are engaged to support the children in developing this intimate, empowering and life-changing event.