Dhambul Young Boys (Murrungun Clan), Numburindi Festival 2017, photo by Benjamin Warlngundu Bayliss

Numburindi Strengthening Culture and Country

Thanks to generous multi-year funding support from Tim Fairfax Family Foundation (TFFF), the community of Numbulwar and Artback NT are thrilled to present a series of youth cultural camps throughout 2018 – 2020.

Responding to an identified community need, Numburindi culture camps provide opportunities for Elders of Nundhirribala, Murrungun, Ngalmi and Nunggarragalu Clans to teach song, dance and language on country. Focusing on intergenerational learning and exchange, Numburindi – Strengthening Culture and Country will run four bush camps annually with young people in Numbulwar and surrounding homelands.

‘Why we doing this bush camp so kids can concentrate, singing and dancing, proper way you know…Culture is really important for kids. Their culture is important for them, for their future. Dancing everything, in their own country, so they know their story, where their country is, their song line’

Numburindi Project Coordinator Grant Nundhirribala

Each clan group will facilitate on-country dance and culture sessions aiming to strengthen community well-being and cultural maintenance. Activities will include: visiting significant cultural sites, learning songs and dances for community and public performances, hunting and collecting local bush foods, sourcing, collecting and preparing clay for body-paint and making costumes, including armbands.

‘This is all about connection and bringing two things together: the person and the place’

Numburindi Project Coordinator Ella Geia

The project will be run from Numbulwar by Project Co-ordinators Ella Geia and Grant Nundhirribala, with Artback NT as the supporter, collaborator and partner.