Artists on Tour

Artists on Tour profiles Northern Territory independent artists and facilitates their delivery of workshops within remote and regional communities.


The Artists on Tour 2018 program built upon the successes of 2017 and continued to deliver unique arts opportunities for young people across the Northern Territory. The program delivered 172 workshops to 18 urban, regional and remote venues and engaged 1,275 participants in dance, printmaking, theatre, sculpture, visual arts and cabaret.

Artists on Tour worked with eight independent artists from the Territory: director, writer and actor Gail Evans; multi-disciplinary artist and educator Linda Joy; performer, choreographer and director Mel Kerl; visual artist, actor and singer Kamahi Djordon King; b*boy Aaron Lim; educator, psychologist, dancer and choreographer Jinu Mathew; dancer and animateur Bryn Wackett; and visual artist and educator Hannah Van Der Wal.

Artback NT thanks artists Kyle Shilling, Sarah Hope, Kelly Beneforti, Baykali Ganambarr, Rhys De La Cruz, John Rigas, Caleena Sansbury and Andrea Cooper for collaborating on a number of workshops throughout the year.

Artists on Tour 2018 program


Artists on Tour delivered 145 workshop sessions across 25 venues and engaged 1,141 participants across the Northern Territory.

In 2017 the Artists on Tour program grew significantly in its delivery of specialised arts workshops. In 2017 the program had a number of new faces as well as returning artists and included Mel Kerl, Aaron Lim, Kamahi Djordon King, Bryn Wackett, Linda Joy, Gail Evans, Jon Clarke and Sarah Hope. A wide range of tailored workshops were offered in theatre, painting, printmaking, circus, cabaret, hip hop and dance to both young and elderly people. The transition into the second year of the program saw artists engaging for longer periods in remote communities. The range and scope of activity was diverse with the program travelling to communities in Arnhem Land, Top End, Barkly and Central Desert regions. Due to an increasing demand on the program new relationships were formed with artists who generously supported and enriched the program. Thanks to Madeleine Krenek, Frankie Snowdon, Fipe Keanu, Wakara Gondarra and Caleena Sansbury of Djuki Mala, Jess Ong and Jinu Mathew who collaborated on workshops throughout the year.

Artists on Tour 2017 program


In its inaugural year, Artists on Tour delivered 72 workshop sessions across 26 venues and engaged 715 participants across the Northern Territory.

In 2016  Artists on Tour connected six leading NT arts practitioners with communities across the Northern Territory between August and December. The program was lucky enough to have the following workshop facilitators, Mel Kerl, Aaron Lim, Kamahi Djordon King, Tracey Bunn, Gail Evans and Mary Anne Butler. Workshops were offered in song writing, theatre, dance, hip hop, visual arts, cabaret and writing. The range and scope of the program was diverse from one off to intensive week long workshops.

Artists on Tour 2016 program