Indigenous Traditional Dance

Emu Dance from Nunggarrgalu Women Dancers, Numburindi Festival, photo by Benjamin Bayliss

Our Indigenous Traditional Dance Program (ITDP) was established to support and facilitate traditional dance practice, and over the past ten years this arts and cultural community development initiative has been delivered in various locations around the NT. Through traditional song and dance, ITDP has assisted in the preservation of culture utilising inter-generational learning methods; strengthening relationships between elders and young people, and encouraging cultural leadership as a result.

We have delivered ITDP in Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Borroloola, providing support for cultural performance skills development through forums, rehearsals, workshops and activities. The learnings, skills and creative content from these dedicated sessions culminate in an annual festival celebrating the diversity of traditional dance from across the NT. Over three years, we look to engage, inspire and mobilise the local community and region to take ownership of the program.

ITDP is maintaining a presence in Borroloola, helping the community deliver a robust and innovative program for the Malandarri Festival, while also transitioning into the community of Numbulwar on the western coast on the Gulf of Carpentaria, 570 kilometres south-east of Darwin.