Bryn Wackett

Bryn Wackett performing

A versatile dancer and animateur, Bryn is a core dancer for Gary Lang NT Dance Company, while also working with Tracks Dance Company and NT Music School for various performance projects. Bryn has coordinated over 40 dance groups as part of the annual Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival, and is particularly committed to developing creativity and storytelling avenues for young and emerging artists. Bryn has a dedicated, light-hearted approach to dance, and her enthusiasm and appreciation for all forms of creative and cultural movement has resulted in strong collaborative links with fellow NT artists.

Workshop: storytelling through dance

Bryn’s workshop uses unique fabrics and materials to provide creative starting points for storytelling and abstract expression through dance. The way we use props within dance performance is explored through a series of exercises and ‘play’ that allow participants to articulate their individual and collective stories. Pattern making through group movement and props are central. This workshop encourages confidence building and teamwork, which can culminate in in either group or individual performance outcomes.