Aaron Lim

Aaron Lim from D*City Rockers

Aaron Lim is a Darwin born b*boy who has been breaking since 2007. Aaron developed his skills by taking part in a range of programs at Tracks Dance Company, performing in their yearly festivals including Struck, Cook Queen Kelly and Zombies in the Banyan Tree. Aaron has a long standing relationship with internationally renowned b*boy and choreographer, Nick Power, and has recently begun working as a dancer on his new show, Dual. In addition to teaching in schools and with Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, Aaron competes in battle with his crew D*City Rockers.

Workshop: breaking for beginners

Aaron’s workshop is an introduction to hip hop culture and the basics of break dancing. This workshop develops specific hip hop skills with a focus on foot work, freezes and power moves. A fun offering suitable for varying experience levels, this workshop culminates in performing a simple routine collectively.