Andi Cooper

Artists on Tour, circus workshop, Ali Curung with Andi Cooper and Thomas Kobe. Image courtesy of Andi Cooper

Andi Cooper is a musician and independent circus teacher and cabaret performer with enough flip to keep kids on their tip-toes! Andi runs regular classes and educator-led workshops in Alice Springs and surrounding remote communities. Growing up, she trained under progressive creatives at Circus Oz and internationally throughout major European cities. For the past five years Andi has been involved with the Adelaide Fringe and, as a solo artist, she has co-produced several sold-out, 5 star shows.

Theatre Workshop: THE CIRCUS TOOLKIT

Come join the circus during this playful and energetic workshop facilitated by creative Andi Cooper. Workshops will jump through a range of circus acrobatics, juggling and character development skills equipping individuals with the basics they need to perform. Join the magic clowning around during this full of action adventure!

Photographer: Codie Croasdale