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Ngalmi and Manggurra take their young people to Andanangki

— by Rebecca Renshaw

Prior to the wet season settling in, Eve Pawlik, Indigenous Traditional Dance Coordinator attended the final bush camp for 2019 with Ngalmi and Manggurra clan groups at Andanangki (Walker River) outstation, 3 hours north of the Numbulwar township. ‘Numburindi: Strengthening Culture and Country’ is a program that supports the inter-generational learning and exchange for young

Keep your mind strong and then you can go anywhere in the world

— by Rebecca Renshaw

Bobby Bununngurr, songman and multi artform creative from Ramingining travelled to Rinari, Taiwan from October to November, 2019 as the Northern Territory Indigenous Artist in Resident. He caught up with Jocelyn Tribe, Program Coordinator about his cultural exchange experience and the importance of keeping culture strong. I’m in the Artback NT Hilux picking up Bobby

From the NT to … Dusseldorf

— by Rebecca Renshaw

Connecting with people, building relationships, it’s not a unique thing, but it should be highlighted when it’s done well. It’s a difficult thing to define, it’s even harder to measure and trying to describe it can often plunge us into a world of clichés which is something that’s to be avoided at all cost if

Aulu Tjibulangan dancing from Taiwan to Darwin: Insights on Indigenous identity through movement

— by Rebecca Renshaw

Aulu Tjibulangan, Paiwanese dancer and choreographer with Aulu’s interpreter, Chris Chang, caught up with Jocelyn Tribe, project coordinator of the 2019 Taiwan-Australia Indigenous Artists in Residence Program. They spoke about what it was like for Aulu growing up as an Indigenous person in modern day Taiwan and how these experiences influenced his artistic career. Aulu

Watching Caiti Baker live is an unforgettable experience, audiences find themselves drawn into her world …

— by Rebecca Renshaw

Caiti Baker is one of the Territory’s most outstanding musicians and her unique voice and eclectic musical style toured the Northern Territory in March 2019. Working on a suite of new music during the second half of 2018, Baker has been collaborating with Sixfour, musician brother duo, John and Paul Bartlett who joined her for

On the road with Packed Theatre as they unpack their latest tour …

— by Rebecca Renshaw

Packed Theatre is an ensemble of Northern Territory artists whose work takes family audiences on uplifting, soulful journeys of magical realism, addressing socially-hidden subjects with beauty, humour and great heart. Combining puppetry, physical theatre, animation, and mask, Katelnd Griffin and Robbie Hoad co-devised and perform in an incredible show called The Package with Rosie Wild which

Numburindi: Strengthening Culture and Country

— by Rebecca Renshaw

Numburindi: Strengthening Culture and Country 2018 – 2020 focusses on inter-generational learning and exchange through the delivery of bush camps annually with the young people in Numbulwar and surrounding homelands. Artback NT received multi-year funding from Tim Fairfax Family Foundation to coordinate, support and collaborate on this project with the community. Eve Pawlik, Indigenous Traditional

Reflections while on the road with Jeffrey ‘Yello’ Simon

— by Rebecca Renshaw

B2M concluded their first national tour around Australia in Darwin on Sunday 18 November 2018. B2M band member Jeffrey ‘Yello’ Simon reflected upon the development of the show ‘Mamanta’, their cultural journey and the opportunities the tour presented with Elizabeth Rogers, Performing Arts Manager. “We are B2M (Bathurst to Melville) – a seven-piece Indigenous RnB

From Darwin to Ormiston Gorge… Sang Mei-Chuan shares her Paiwan traditions with the NT

— by Kate Rendell

Paiwan performer 桑梅絹 Sang Mei-Chuan recently spent six-weeks in the NT as our artist in residence. In this interview with Kate Rendell she speaks about her first international residency and how she can’t wait to come back to Australia…