SPARK NT Symposium

Ever wondered what a curator actually does? Or how an exhibition comes together? Or perhaps you have an inkling that curating is something you would like to try?

In July 2018, together with Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre, Artback NT presented SPARK NT Symposium: Curatorial Practice Unpacked. 

This two-day symposium gathered leading curators from around the country with artists and arts practitioners to consider the current state of curatorial practice in the NT. Unpacking the role of the curator, sharing professional experiences and exploring future pathways, this symposium created an open opportunity for exchange and dialogue among arts peers.

Read more about the happenings at the 2018 SPARK Symposium in ‘Behind the Scenes’ and feel free to download the programs below:

Program Day One – featured a day of presentations and workshops for artists and arts workers to learn about exhibition development and curating. Topics covered included – collections and keeping places, conservation and caring for objects, curating to tell a story and installation techniques and methods, with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and arts.

Program Day Two  – featured presentations, Q & A sessions and panel discussions, providing unique insights into the curatorial work of leading and emerging practitioners in the field. Topics covered included – the role of the curator as a ‘go-between’, working collaboratively, curatorial careers, as well as case studies of major exhibitions.

Stay tuned for future SPARK sector development opportunities as we continue this conversation…