The Memory Archive

The Memory Archive is an intimate storytelling and photography series created by Sarah Hope and presented by Artback NT, in collaboration with the Palmerston Council’s Voices of Palmerston project.

Voices of Palmerston started with a simple idea from the City of Palmerston – to capture and share local stories of everyday people living, working and playing in Palmerston. To help find the diverse and rich voices of this town, the Council invited Artback NT to connect local artists from our Artists on Tour program with the community.

Playwright and story-maker Sarah Hope, is one of the artists that we teamed up with to uncover these magical stories. Getting to know the various characters at the Terrace Gardens aged care facility in Palmerston, Sarah used music to jog memory and find a place of commonality. From these conversations, Sarah has created a rich archive of memory and moments.

Here at Artback NT we believe everyone has a story to tell and we are proud to partner with the City of Palmerston to share the memories of Terrace Garden’s residents.

We hope you enjoy!

Thanks to the Palmerston Council’s Lori Uden, Jan Peters and Terrace Gardens staff, especially Fiona Stoddart. Warm thanks, most of all, to our generous participants Rudolf Bikie, Joyce Jaburru, Valerie Bridle, Christine Kapitula and Jacqui Ash. All images and audio by Sarah Hope. Sound editing by Joshua Grant.

To learn more, go behind the scenes with Sarah Hope and Eve Pawlik as they discuss the artistic process here!