Artists on Tour


Artists on Tour is an Artback NT initiative delivering a suite of artistic programs to all corners of the Northern Territory. Fuelled by fun and creativity, workshops are designed to inspire and engage participants while they are learning and developing new skills.

Now in its sixth successful year, Artback NT sends a diverse range of experienced artists to deliver programs and workshops in some of the Northern Territory’s most remote communities and locations. Artists on Tour workshops support the development of young people, emerging artists and educators across the Territory through Visual Arts, Dance, Physical and Theatrical Theatre, Music and Collaborative Projects. Artists on Tour uses the creative arts to educate participants while building confidence and self-determination through learning new skills and creative techniques.


Artback NT brings Artists on Tour to urban, remote and very remote locations across the vast and diverse Northern Territory.  Our Artist facilitators are highly experienced in remote program delivery and cross cultural work.

With an emphasis on creative, culturally sensitive, fun and inclusive workshops, Artback NT’s skilled artists have worked extensively across the Northern Territory with schools, youth centres and community organisations. Primarily an arts touring organisation, Artback NT is well-practiced at navigating the sometimes tricky hurdles and logistics of coordinating remote projects. We work closely with on-the-ground staff and support workers to ensure each program is personalised to the specific needs of each community and location, whether that be in a tiny Central Desert community or Darwin CBD.


Programs can be tailored to meet individual or group capabilities and needs across all age levels from Early Learning to Year 12. Workshops can be delivered as an out-of-school activity or targeted as professional development workshops for adults.

Choose a pre-existing workshop or contact us to create a specialised program to meet your specific needs, group skills, ages and timeframes.

Visual Arts painting |printmaking | sculpture | drawing

Dance hip hop | break dancing | Bollywood | contemporary

Physical Theatre circus | acrobatics | clowning

Theatrical Theatre drama | acting | writing | movement

Music and Film singing | song writing | video clips

Collaborative Outcomes murals | mosaics | music film clips | performance


Artists on Tour is a recognised service provider through the Northern Territory Government’s Remote Sports Vouchers Scheme. Contact us to see how you can use your vouchers as part of your exempt schools, afterschool or school holiday programs.


Artback NT works with schools and teachers to deliver programs to students during school hours. Schools can contact Artback NT directly or through the NT Government’s exempt schools scheme for Remote Sports Vouchers eligibility.

Afterschool programs

We work with local government sport and recreation teams to facilitate afterschool programs. Funding is available through the NT Government’s Remote Sports Vouchers to support these programs.

School Holidays

Full day workshops can run for consecutive days and are a great opportunity to program larger projects such as producing a mural or performance.

Download the Artists on Tour 2022 Program


Laura Shipp

Arts and Cultural Program Coordinator

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Darwin, NT 0801

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