Artists on Tour

Artists on Tour, sculpture workshop in Nyirrpi with artist Kamahi Djordon King featuring Kamaul Spencer. Photographer: Kamahi Djordon King.

Artists on Tour is an Artback NT initiative delivering a suite of programs to support the development of established and emerging artists, young people and the community within urban, regional and remote locations. Working with artists, workshops are designed for the performing and visual arts.

Programs can be tailored to meet individual student group capabilities and needs across all year levels from Kindergarten, Transition to Year 12. Workshops can also be chosen from pre-existing programs and be adjusted to meet specific groups skills, ages and timeframes.

In 2019 we look forward to working with educators and students to deliver engaging arts and cultural activities throughout the Northern Territory. Artback NT is working with seven inspirational artists and education specialists: Dance Workshop, Journey Through Dance with Jinu Mathew; Dance Workshop, Breaking for Beginners with Aaron Lim; Theatre Workshop, The Circus Toolkit with Andrea Cooper; Art Workshop, Colour My World with Amina McConvell; Theatre Workshop, Improvised Theatre with Gail Evans; Dance Workshop, The Fabric of Story and Movement with Bryn Wackett; and Art Workshop, Print, Roll & Scroll with Linda Joy.

Booking Information

Artback NT’s Artists on Tour programs are available to Northern Territory arts and community organisations and schools. Programs are eligible for urban and remote sports vouchers. 

The cost for workshops vary depending on the length of engagement and location. As a guide, artist fees are $400 per day plus travel and accommodation.

Artback NT encourages organisations and schools to work with other partners in the community to share costs and maximise the time artists can spend in rural and remote locations. Artback NT will help facilitate this conversation as required and subsidise costs through grant funds where possible.

Download the Artists on Tour 2019 program here.


Eve Pawlik

Project Coordinator

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