Kaye Pedersen

Performing Arts Coordinator

Kaye Pedersen is a Mbantwe based creative who has been working in arts production and education in the NT since 2013. She is a founding director of the Desert Diamonds NT, and her work in the NT includes dance and production with organizations such as Incite Arts, Dusty Feet Dance, Artback NT, REINT, Red Hot Arts, Fab Alice Festival, Wide Open Space Festival, Tourism NT, Caama Radio and Totem Theatre. When not producing and supporting work for NT audiences, she is a practicing performing and creative arts educator at Centralian Senior College.

Prior to relocating to Alice Springs, Kaye worked in Victoria and overseas as a dancer, teacher and choreographer in corporate, musical theatre and dance education contexts.


Kaye Pederson

Performing Arts Coordinator

PO Box 4582, Alice Springs, NT 0801


08 8953 5941