Taiwan – Australia: Indigenous Artist in Residence Program

Investing in Culture: The 2021 Taiwan – Australia Indigenous Artist in Residence has been postponed to 2022 due to Covid-19.

The Taiwan – Australia Indigenous Artist in Residence is co-funded by the Northern Territory Government and the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Centre.

The rich cultural fabric and layered histories of Taiwan and Australia provide a framework for First Nations artists to develop their practice. The artists who have previously participated in this cultural exchange program have made connections culminating in new work and have provided real outcomes for the Creative Industries in the Territory.

Louise Partos, Executive Officer

Expressions of Interest for 2022 will be announced in late 2021 for Northern Territory Indigenous artists working in the visual arts, music, theatre or dance.

The exchange will enable the selected artists to engage in different cultural customs and strengthen connections between their respective arts communities. The program presents an invaluable experience for cultural exchange.

This residency has enabled First Nations artists from Taiwan and the Northern Territory an extraordinary opportunity to see first-hand how another Indigenous community operates outside of their respective countries. I am looking forward to supporting the next artists to embrace this extraordinary experience. The Taiwan – Australia Indigenous Artist in Residence Program is a celebration of culture and identity.

Louise Partos, Executive Officer


The 6 week cultural exchange residence for Australian and Taiwanese Indigenous Artists will provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas that will lead to the culmination of new work. A collaboration between Artback NT and the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Centre Taiwan, the program is generously supported by the Northern Territory Government, Taiwan’s Council of Indigenous Peoples and the Australian Office in Taipei. Formalised with a Memorandum of Collaboration, the program presents a unique opportunity for cultural exchange between First Nations artists.

Each year throughout 2018, 2019 and 2022 (N.b. 2020 and 2021 has been postponed due to Covid-19) an Indigenous artist from the Northern Territory and an Indigenous artist from Taiwan will undertake a six-week residency in each other’s respective countries.

The mutual aims of the exchange are to:

  • highlight the diversity of First Nations experiences
  • promote the unique cultures, languages and histories within Australia and Taiwan
  • provide audiences with sophisticated contemporary representations of First Nations perspectives

In 2018 the successful applicants Rachael Wallis and 桑梅絹 Sang Mei-Chuan completed their respective residencies in June-July and August-September. Read about these artists here and head to our ‘Behind the Scenes’ to read their residency reflections – Sang Mei-Chuan and Rachael Wallis.

Paiwan dancer and choreographer, Aulu Tjibulangan and Ramingining songman and multi-artform creative Bobby Bununngurr were selected as the 2019 Taiwan – Australia Indigenous Artist in Residents. Read more about the 2019 artists here and Aulu Tjibulangan’s time in the Northern Territory and Bobby Bununngurr’s experience in Taiwan in our ‘Behind the Scenes’.

The 6 week residency will be based in the community of Rinari, Pingtung County, South Taiwan between May – November, 2020 as negotiated with the successful applicant. The residency is open to Indigenous artists based in the Northern Territory working across any art form including visual arts, music theatre and dance.

The program includes:

  • Artist fee of $6,000 for the full 6 weeks
  • An option to travel with an assistant or companion for the duration of the residency
  • Travel costs including flights and accommodation
  • Appropriate studio space
  • Interpretative assistance: English – Chinese
  • Assistance to showcase work completed during residency
  • Up to $1,000 for freight and materials as required

Taiwan Residency Application Guidelines

Apply here

Media Release Investing in Culture: APPLICATIONS OPEN for the 2020 Taiwan – Australia Indigenous Artist in Residence

The Taiwan-Australia Indigenous Artist in Residence program is a collaboration between Artback NT and the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Centre Taiwan, generously supported by the Northern Territory Government, Taiwan’s Council of Indigenous Peoples and the Australian Office in Taipei. 


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