Jinu Mathew

Artists on Tour, dance workshop outcome at Mahbilil Festival, Jabiru with Jinu Mathew. Photographer: Eve Pawlik

Jinu Mathew uses the traditional origins of dance and cultural exchange to inspire communication. Jinu is an educator and psychologist, dancer and choreographer who has worked in Australia, India, Switzerland and Saint Luci. She been involved with festivals throughout the Northern Territory such as Darwin Festival, Malandarri Festival and Bak’bididi Festival and has a dance school in Darwin, Transwings Dance Studio.


Dancer and choreographer Jinu Mathew takes students on a dance odyssey that facilitates cultural exchange through the celebration of dance. Jinu fuses Afro-Jazz, Bollywood, Indian Classical, Kathak, Bachata, Soca Caribbean and Contemporary dance forms creating a highly charged and energetic workshop.