Performing Arts Development and Touring

Beautiful Noise, photo by Paul Thompson

Our performing arts program delivers high quality theatre, music and contemporary dance performances and workshops to audiences around Australia. Working primarily with NT artists, producers and companies, we’re passionate about sharing uniquely Territory stories that provide a lens into the many lives lived and experienced in this part of the country. If you’re an artist in the NT, and want to explore development or touring opportunities, get in touch!

If you’re an interstate artist or producer, and are interested in bringing your work to the NT, have a read about our fee-for-service offering; touring the NT is an exciting adventure but one that does have additional risks and cultural considerations, which need to be adhered to. Through our fee-for-service, we’ll work with you to explore what’s possible and, if everything aligns, look to develop a tour.


Elizabeth Rogers

Performing Arts Manager

PO Box 535
Darwin, NT 0801

08 8941 1444