Taiwan – Australia: Indigenous Artist in Residence Program

The 2019 Taiwan-Australia Indigenous Artists in Residence were Paiwan dancer and choreographer, Aulu Tjibulangan and Ramingining songman and multi artform creative,  Bobby Bununngurr.

First Nations’ arts practitioners Aulu Tjibulangan and Bobby Bununngurr  were selected as the 2019 Taiwan – Australia Indigenous Artists in Residence. Tjibulangan and Bununngurr innovatively fuse traditional and contemporary arts and culture in their practice and will participate in this unique cultural exchange opportunity between the Northern Territory and Rinari, Southern Taiwan.

The exchange aims to promote Indigenous cultures and histories within Australia and Taiwan and provide audiences with contemporary representations of First Nations perspectives through the arts. This year we received entries from all art forms making the selection process difficult, however, the result has seen two dynamic creatives being chosen.

Louise Partos, Executive Officer

The rich cultural fabric and layered histories of Taiwan and Australia provided the framework for Aulu Tjibulangan, a Paiwan dancer and choreographer and Bobby Bununngurr, a songman and multi artform creative from Ramingining with a platform to build upon their arts practices. The exchange also enabled the artists to engage in different cultural customs and strengthen connections between their respective arts communities.