Kamahi Djordon King

Artists on Tour, sculpture workshop featuring George Michaels in Nyirrpi with artist Kamahi Djordon King. Photographer: Kamahi Djordon King

Kamahi Djordon King’s artistic practice sits across visual arts, acting and singing. Born in Katherine, he began painting and sketching at a young age. His grandfather, a member of the Gurindji tribe born at Banka Banka, was his early mentor and teacher. He had travelled many miles mustering across the country, had strong kinship with the land and told Kamahi many stories about the desert. Drawing on his grandfather’s teaching, Kamahi’s artistic style is unique combining stories, locations and experiences.


Drawing inspiration from the antics of community  camps dogs or the unique quirks of your backyard furry pal, participants will create a sculpture using paper clay under the guidance of artist Kamahi Djordon King.