Rachael Wallis

Rachael Wallis is one of the most versatile dancers in Australia. Covering both traditional and contemporary dance styles she has worked with leading Indigenous dance companies and outstanding choreographers, performing regionally, nationally and internationally. She’s performed at Olympics ceremonies, the Queens Diamond Jubilee and has directed/choreographed many community based dance projects and festivals. She has taught at NAISDA Dance College and delivered remote, regional and interstate initiatives, workshops and classes. Her current credentials include: Director, Moonfish Productions, Principal Dance Teacher, Arafura Dance and Artistic Director, Rachael Wallis’ Aboriginal Dance Company.

Living in a small community of north east Arnhem Land, where Yolngu history is passed down through story, song and dance as way of life, Rachael knows the importance of dance in culture and community.

Dance includes all peoples. It brings joy and hope and benefits everyone. Dance is in my blood I’ve been dancing since I could walk. I really would love this opportunity to share my skills and knowledge with other First Nations Peoples and learn their stories and crafts to share with my family and community. Yolngu people have a speculated relationship to Taiwan through Bayini, an ancestral spirit. Already we have a connection with the First Nations people of Taiwan.

Rachael Wallis

In Taiwan, Rachael hopes to experience a different way of life, living with local people and exchanging dance skills and cultures. On her return, Rachael plans to share this experience with all other artists in her region by running workshops in communities locally and outreach programs in homelands, working towards performances at Yirrkala, Garma and/or any local festivals or events.

Read more of Rachael’s reflections on this opportunity in Behind the Scenes… and stay tuned for more, as she commences her residency in June.

Rachael Wallis will be an Artist in Residence in Rinari, Southern Taiwan during June – July 2018.