Trash Magic


Trash Magic is a tale about family, nature and MESS!

One of Ruby’s favorite things to do is to go camping with her family. She may not be able to hear the sounds of the bush but she can see and feel the beauty around her.

Ruby’s family love to have fun  … they make mess, as much MESS as they possibly can! This is not Ruby’s idea of fun and when she pleads with them to clean up, they sign

Maybe … maybe later … maybe not [and laugh]

That night Ruby wakes up, peeking out of the tent she rubs her eyes in disbelief. The rubbish is alive! The mess her family made is transforming into the animals of the bush. AND they can TALK! Lip reading Ruby sees these rubbish animals speaking.

They reckon’ we’re rubbish! Let’s show them what mess really is. Let’s trash this place!

Hiding in the bush and watching the rubbish animals make one humungous mess, a thunderstorm breaks over the camp. Flashes of lighting, rumbling claps of thunder and blinding rain confuse Ruby and she finds herself alone and lost.

How will Ruby find her way back to her family? Will the rubbish animals help her?

This is a story about how caring for the environment can reunite you with the ones you love.

LUMINOUS Arts and Disability Mentorship and Professional Development Program is a supported 20-week development where three emerging performing artists and arts workers are provided with an opportunity to take clear steps towards more professional practice, including their skills development. LUMINOUS artists are Omri Mason (scriptwriting), Rebecca Hell (deaf signing and performing) and Kyle Adams (sound design). Mentorship and professional development will be provided by Director and Theatre Creative Producer Tania Lieman, Lighting Sound and Technician Dorian Abestruo, Consultant Lighting Advisor Sean Pardy and Choreographer and Facilitator Elshiela Ibo so that the artists can develop black light, shadow puppetry and technical operation skills such as lighting and sound.

Key objectives for LUMINOUS are to:

  • increase participation and access, and or to develop and grow audiences for work
  • raise the profile of Northern Territory artists with disabilities
  • support innovative and sustainable creative industries for the arts sector
  • support strategic partnerships that increase capacity building and employment for artists with disabilities

‘Trashed’ has been funded by Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government Initiative, developed by Luminous Theatre Company and CemeNTworx Community Theatre Program and produced and toured by Artback NT.

Cast & crew

LUMINOUS is an all-abilities theatre company based on their leading artist ensemble of Kyle Adams, Rebecca Hell and Omri Mason. Director, Tania Lieman, leads the ensemble and pulls together the teams best suited to serving the artists and the shows that they are creating. Resident theatre company of Darwin Community Arts, Luminous trains weekly and are currently exploring blacklight theatre and working on their first play for children ‘Trashed’.

Creative Producer Tania Leiman

Choreographer Elshiela Ibo

Artist Kyle Adams

Artist Rebecca Hell

Artist Omri Mason


The ‘Luminous’ project sees the professional development of Northern Territory artists living with a disability working with other artists to create a high quality, interactive theatre show suitable for general audiences, families, children and people with a disability. The show will tour to the regional and remote areas of the Northern Territory providing employment for people in creative and non-creative roles.

Sean Pardy, Artistic Director, Brown’s Mart Theatre

The ‘Luminous’ project addresses the shortage of post-school options in the arts for people with disability in Darwin by providing development and employment opportunities of the three emerging artists that will build their confidence to present their work and determine their next steps as artists.

Rachel Kroes, Executive Officer, Down Syndrome Association of the Northern Territory

We are most excited about the ‘Luminous’ tour, particularly its commitment to the creation of a theatre work for young people that includes disabled artists collaborating with non-disabled artists.

Jenine Mackay, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Producer, Incite Arts

Not only will the ‘Luminous’ project create jobs for artists and arts workers in the entertainment sector that contributes to the rebuilding of Australia’s economy, this project has rich outcomes for people living with a disability, for youth audiences and the well being of people living in the regional and remote communities of the Northern Territory.

Felicity Green, Director, Araluen Cultural Precinct

The ‘Luminous’ project goes a long way to supporting resilient communities through its commitment to working with artists of all abilities.

Vanessa Hutchins, Executive Officer, Barkly Regional Arts

The impacts of COVID-19 on the arts and entertainment sector have been profound … projects like ‘Luminous’ … restart that development both economically and creatively … and address the isolation faced by regional and remote communities.

Christina Allgood, Vice President, Gove Arts Theatre


Touring the Northern Territory 2022


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Performing Arts Manager

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