Boats is classic storytelling where the magic created unfolds in front of the audience. Jof and Nic enact the story using everyday objects that would be found on a boat’s galley. The sound effects for the show are made live through two microphones, one of which goes in water. Each scene is a unique and highly inventive use of space and puppetry. A boat is made from a piece of bread, and ropes. An island is made from a hat. A circus is made from a jacket. And a storm is made with a teacup.

Boats has acrobatics, physical theatre, object manipulation, story telling, and, of course, the wonderful puppetry that has made Tasmania’s Terrapin Puppet Theatre famous locally and nationally. Boats is a moving work that ultimately tells the story and adventures of Nic and Jof with a twist at the end which will leave a lump in your throat and a smile on your face.

Founded in 1981, Terrapin Puppet Theatre tours locally, nationally and internationally, and is recognised as one of the world’s premier puppetry companies.


Erica McCalman

Acting Performing Arts Manager

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