Wangka Walytja


Wangka Walytja is a celebration and expansion of the beautifully illustrated literature of Papunya and its curators. This exhibition explores the story making and storytelling from traditional times, intertwining the artistic and educational activity at Papunya. Many communities across the NT have infused NT Bilingual Education Programs into their schools, with elders jumping at the opportunity to ‘flood the place with literature’ and take advantage of the Literacy Production Centre (LPC) to tell their stories to children and community in their own language and images.

Part of these resources are photographs, illustrations and original drawings, manuscripts and artworks that were published in the LPC between 1978 and 1990. Around it, a new generation of Papunya creatives have responded with modern art using digital media including audio and audio-visual technology, collaborating with animators, videographers and audio technicians, bringing new life to storytelling traditions.

This exhibition and diverse production expresses the knowledge and storytelling of Pintupi-Luritja people, through books, framed and mounted original drawings, historic and contemporary photographs and digital responses.

Wangka Waltja is a collaboration between the University of Queensland and Tjupi Arts, funded by the Australian Research Council, Creative Australia and the Regional Arts Fund.

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Roni Judge

Visual Arts Manager

PO Box 4582
Alice Springs, NT 0801

08 8953 5941