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Value for Money is a physical exploration of human worth and the currency we use to quantify this.  Concerned with the polarity of power and vulnerability inherent within us all, Value for Money explores the value we place on human lives and bodies.

We all come from a common place – land, dust, molecules. The human journey separates us from other animals through our drive to find our individual worth.

What makes us a valuable and unique addition to this place? How do we value human life? Is it the calculable economic value or the intangible emotional and physical value of a person we should be considering?

In addition, this human desire to discover our individual and collective value contradicts a human need to control – to have dominion over other humans, animals, and land; to project collective value onto objects, deities, and other individuals: the polarity of power and vulnerability inherent within us all.

Value For Money interrogates how relationships, community, and proximity change our perception of a life’s worth.

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Cast & crew

Concept and choreography: Sara Black and Jasmin Sheppard

Original collaborating performers: Waangenga Blanco, Gabriel Comerford, Madeleine Krenek, Ashley McLellan and Frankie Snowdon

Touring performers: Frankie Snowdon, Chandler Connell, Samakshi Sidhu, Gabriel Comerford, Madeleine Krenek

Sound design and composition: Tom Snowdon

Lighting design: Chris Mercer

Touring lighting technician: Thomas Roach

Tour Manager: Ash Musk

Dramaturge: Jonny Rowden

Research Assistant: Tessa Snowdon

Production Manager: Amanda Harris

Costume Design and consultation: Elizabeth Verstappen and Andrew Treloar

Produced by: GUTS Dance // Central Australia


Performing with unmatched skill and artistry, the dancers’ faultless execution of this punishing journey was never anything less than absolutely riveting – matching the physical challenges of the work’s luxurious, choreographic adventurousness to absolute perfection.

Geoffrey Williams, Stage Whispers, August 2021


Dancenorth Australia

Gurambilbarra and Yunbenun, Townsville, QLD

FORM Dance Projects, Riverside Theatres

Parramatta, Eora Nation, NSW

The Odeon

Australian Dance Theatre, Kaurna Yerta, (Adelaide) SA


Evan Saunders

Performing Arts Manager

PO Box 535, Darwin, NT 0801

08 8941 1444