Road Safety All Stars

Reggae Dave, Ali Mills, Jeffrey Tjangala Zimran, Stewart Gaykamangu and Conrad Rory.


Meet the Road Safety All Stars – road safety super band – spreading the message on road safety to a community near you. Starring Reggae Dave, Ali Mills, Jeffrey Tjangala Zimran, Stewart Gaykamangu and Conrad Rory.

The Road Safety All Stars represent six different Indigenous language groups. They have received training in being road safety ambassadors and developed both their education and performance skills through this project.

Ten road safety songs in local language and dialect were written, performed and recorded in the space of seven intensive days. These will be shared via mobile phone technology and social media, along with video snapshot messages.

Road Safety All Stars team

Reggae Dave – Torres Strait man, is a travelling song man and music educator. His music is known from Kimberley to Torres Strait and all them roads in between. Reggae has driven thousands of miles making people happy with music – now he wants to make people safe.

Ali Mills – Famous face of Larrakia mob, Ukulele legend and performer for over 30 years. Ali has Walt-Jim-Bat Matilda-ed her way touring music across Australia. With her family, with her Mills sisters, Ali has travelled her music everywhere. With her seat belt ON.

Jeffrey Tjangala Zimran – Best desert guitar south of the Berrimah line, Lead singer of Tjintu Desert Band, Jeffrey loves to play music. Fresh from an Australian tour, Jeffrey has seen all that crazy city life and traffic and understands why road safety is important.

Stewart Gaykamangu – is a Yolgnu man who lives in Amata just south of the border. Singer and solo artist, original member of Iwantja Band, Stewart is currently recording his first solo album. A voice of angels, Stewart writes beautiful melodies and composes on piano. Stewart has seen way too many car accidents happens, he wants to make change.

Conrad Rory – Front man for The Sandridge Band from Borroloola. Yanyuwa singer songwriter and guitarist, Conrad has been making music for many years. A natural confident leader, he will be an incredible asset to this project, and has experienced the dangers of bad driving.