Loop the Loop




Northern Territory: Darwin Entertainment Centre, Darwin Community Arts and Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in Darwin and Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation in Jabiru

About the poster

Master musician Gene Peterson first visited Darwin as a 10-year-old with his parents and four years later his compositions were played by the Darwin Symphony Orchestra. In 2011 he came back to the Top End with multi-instrumentalist Adam Page for a phenomenal music battle Loop the Loop.

Set in a boxing ring with a red and blue corner each artist attempted to outplay the other from simultaneously playing keyboards and drums, to Tibetan throat singing, to using a carrot as a musical instrument!

It’s a fine balance between musicality and being the best musician you can be, and playing out the theatrics.

Gene Peterson, ‘It’s music gone loopy’, Caine Edwards, NT News

The 100-minute performance showcased amazing musical prowess that seemed like it was a full-on all-out spur of the moment battle, however that is just part of the spectacle. Peterson and Page continually record their music to a loop pedal.

There is a certain level of improvisation but there definitely has to be that level of pre-productions to maintain consistency.

Gene Peterson, ‘It’s music gone loopy’, Caine Edwards, NT News

Peterson and Page went on ABC Radio Darwin to speak about their musical talents and epic battle with Breakfast presenter Lisa Pellegrino. They finished off the session with a jam. Peterson jammed with a zucchini that he had drilled a hole through the middle and four smaller holes up the top to make a recorder. He played the zucchini using a saxophone mouth piece whilst Page jammed with an array of squeaky toys from a plastic hamburger to a pig to a rubber chicken.

It’s a whole lot of fun, and there is always a winner.

Gene Peterson, ‘It’s music gone loopy’, Caine Edwards, NT News