Inside the Carriage

— by Communications Manager

Constantina Bush with Eduardo Rodriguez. Photographer: Duane Preston

Hot off the heels of their whirl wind journey on the night train from Alice Springs to Darwin aboard The Ghan. Constantina Bush with Eduardo and The Night Train played to adoring audiences in Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine – finishing with a roaring crescendo at the Darwin Festival.

Friday night what should I do? Yeah

Grab some friends and have some food, yeah

Mosey on to our favourite spot

Where the girls are pretty, the guys are hot

The DJ plays a deadly tune

I catch your eye from across the room

I can tell you’re wanting more

You know what happens behind closed doors!

With no time to spare Eduardo left his band The Night Train behind and joined his love Constantina on the Great Southern to Brisbane before hopping on the North Coast Railway Line train to perform at the Cairns Festival. [Constantina blushing]

You make me shame. I don’t need any more attention being on me than this.

Next stop? No one knows, you might hear them singing as they journey across Australia on The Overland or the Indian Pacific … or just maybe they will get off the Mungindi (Northwest) Railway Line and catch the wheat train on the Binnaway–Werris Creek Railway Line to perform at the home of The White Rose Orchestra!

C-c-c-c-catch you on the Night Train!

Where you’re never going to get off

Catch you on the Night Train

Where you find your long lost love

One question remains … who really are Constantina Bush and Eduardo Rodriguez?