Behind the scenes at Djuki Mala rehearsals

The Djuki's warm up with yoga on the beach during rehearsals in Galiwin'ku.

Rosealee Pearson, Djuki Mala’s Tour Manager and Angela O’Donnell, our performing arts manager at Artback NT, give us a behind the scenes glimpse into the rehearsals for Djuki Mala’s self-titled 2nd major production, heading off on national tour this year.

We’ve reached week two of our rehearsals with the Djuki Mala (Chooky Dancers) here in Galiwin’ku and already they have learnt all the new choreography that our energetic and talented Guest Choreographer Nikki Ashby has created. Not an easy task when you only have two weeks to accomplish this.

The rehearsal room is infectious with the Djuki spirit. On more than one occasion Artistic Director and Producer Joshua Bond and I have been unable to stay in our seats. Jumping up to join the boys in dance!

This week is a big week. More rehearsals, show runs, incorporating all the technical aspects of the show, media calls and all the fun that costumes changes bring. No stress for these guys though. I can’t wait for you to all see the amazing work they have to share with you.


The Temptations are crooning through our borrowed PA into the space here and some smooth moves are happening in the rehearsal room. The line ‘I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me’ resonates here. There are going to be some hearts broken with this show, no doubt… Djuki Mala in flash suits doing their best to woo the crowds….

Josh Bond and Rosealee Pearson, are reviewing the beautiful editing of interviews that Naina Sen has been working hard on. Margaret and Rosie are preparing a lunch for our hungry hardworking dancers while I respond to emails and take five to think about how lucky we all are – the dancers for their hard work and the travel and opportunities to meet so many of you audience members out there and the team of Josh, Rosie, Nikki and I who get to be here and make it happen.