Artback NT June Newsletter: Celebrating 10 years of Malandarri Festival in Borroloola, NT

— by Juran Timu-Adams

Numburindi Festival 2023. Photography: Benjamin Warlngundu Bayliss

It’s Malandarri Festival season again and Artback NT wishes to celebrate the 10 years that brought traditional and contemprary song and dance to Borroloola Show Grounds.

Malandarri Festival director Marlene Timothy and Remote Events Manager Lia Pa’apa’a worked together in 2013 to build the first DanceSite festival, and have been reunited 10 years later to again provide locals with a series of workshops, dance, and song to help keep culture alive and strong.

Artback NT wishes to congratulate the pair on executing such a beautiful festival to the community of Borroloola once again.

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