Hannah Van Der Wal

Hannah is a practising visual artist and arts educator based in Darwin. Her personal practice explores local themes, drawing inspiration from the flora, fauna and landscapes of the NT. She works with various mediums in her paintings and illustrations which are colourful and sometimes quirky interpretations of the human experience within our natural environments. She has a Bachelor in Visual Communications, a Diploma in Education and a Certificate in TESOL. Hannah is passionate about arts education and the therapeutic benefits that creative exploration offers all people.

Workshop: 3D Nature Sculptures

In Hannah’s workshop, participants will draw their inspirations from the local flora and fauna of their region. They will create 3 dimensional sculptural works using tactile, hands-on methods and materials such as Papiermâché. There will be time to explore the elements of pattern, colour and line before painting the sculptures using personally relevant designs. Participants will then have the option to collaborate to display their sculptures in an on-site installation of the work.