Augustus Reid


Glenn and Tobias have spent their entire lives in a small desert town: every week it’s the same fuckin’ chicks wearing the same dresses dancing to the same fuckin’ music.  Enter Sticks, a blow-in with nowhere to go and every reason to get out: Locals have delusions of grandeur about this place – got a river with no fucking water in it, still call it a fuckin’ river though don’t they?
It’s always been a town to keep a safe distance. Until one night.

Three explores the before, during and after of a crime in the Northern Territory from the perspective of three non-Indigenous men who were involved in the death of an Aboriginal man in 2009. It is a dark drama that maps the complexity of masculinity in Australia both through the eyes of the young men, and through the psyche of a regional Australian town.

Built upon exhaustive research including interviews with witnesses and access to court recordings and transcripts, this play is also being guided by the valuable direction of Jason Klarwein and dramaturgy of Patricia Cornelius.

“It is the intention that this play provokes passionate and constructive dialogue and shines a light upon the dark silence that shrouds incidents involving racial violence. I wrote this play to encourage us to hold our gaze a little longer, to think a little deeper about the difficult cultural and racial dynamic that continues to plague all generations throughout Australia and to examine some of the attitudes that contributed to this tragedy in the first place.”

Augustus Reid