Prince Pout III


Having successfully navigated his first infectious apocalypse, Prince Pout III is touring the Territory to share his titillating tales of misadventure!

Well-known on the Fringe Festival circuit, this Alice Springs-born comedian is spreading his wings. A lot’s happened since anyone in the Northern Territory saw this regal rascal who’s currently cruising the streets (and beats) of our nation’s capital. There he keeps his finger on the pulse of political scandal and mind deep in the gutter while pursuing the ultimate academic punishment: a medical degree.

Join Prince Pout as he intubates, defibrillates and vaccinates his way through a late-life tertiary seas change, all with a view to one day becoming Prince Pout III, MD.

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Cast & crew

Roland Bull is a comedian, actor and writer with a love of all (most) things NT. When he’s not planning his next trip to Alice Springs or Darwin he regularly performs comedy to acclaim and madly broadcasts his treatises on queer identities and interactions in modern Australia for the benefit of no one in particular.


Touring the Northern Territory November 2021