Libby Collins

Committee Member


Libby has a strong national profile, working in production, marketing, communications and community engagement across the country for more than a decade. She is currently a producer with GARUWA, a First Nations owned and led storytelling agency.

Libby’s credits reflect a diverse body of work from feature film to TV documentaries. Her most recent works include roles with Channel 10 and NITV collaboration ‘First Inventors’, due to be released in 2023. Libby also worked as a Production Manager (Tiwi Islands) on the feature film Top End Wedding.

After a decade in New South Wales where she fulfilled a national facing community engagement role with Bangarra, Libby returned to the Northern Territory, working with Aboriginal health leaders to get clear messaging into communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her connection to community and culture drives the work she does and through her personal life.

She is passionate about creating opportunities that advance First Nations people and communities to bring about change.